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Who We Are

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Our Mission

The mission of Plainfield Community Consolidated School District No. 202, the primary source of comprehensive, high quality education in a trusting, supportive environment, is to develop at all levels, responsible, successful citizens by providing an education, in cooperation with home and the community, which: fosters each individual's value, uniqueness, and importance and promotes lifelong learning in an ever-changing society.

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Our Culture

District 202 provides the opportunities of a large district, with a close-knit community that values the individual.

"They just really help create a loving, welcoming environment, not just for the students but for the teachers."

Citlali Hernandez  

   Science teacher, Heritage Grove Middle School

New teachers are welcomed and supported, experienced teachers are valued, and the entire staff works together as a team united under the same mission.

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Cultural Competency

District 202 is home to the Cultural Competency Committee, formed in 2018. The work and mission of the Cultural Competency Committee is ongoing (meeting at least once a month.) Its members represent a cross section of certified staff, non-certified support staff, and administration

"There's tremendous support from the district administration to your building administration to your colleagues in the building. There's outstanding, tremendous support. The students are fantastic. It's a diverse community we've got."

David Lesniak  

   Band Director, Plainfield East High School

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About Our Community

Plainfield is a prosperous and bustling Village, located 35 miles southwest of Chicago. Easily accessible, the Village is close to several interstates and state highways making it an excellent place to live, play, and work.

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